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Equipment marking and laser cutting..

Leaders in laser technologies for different surfaces marked as electronic cards, steel, plastic, glass and semiconductors.

We have a wide range of products either marked barcode, text, serial numbers, acceptance stamps, prints logos and cuts to separate panels.

Award Winning CMS provides equipment for etching printed circuit boards with high accuracy speed and easy operation, capable of generating 1D barcodes, 2D, in all available formats that recognize the engraving to verify the quality of the system and equipment smema communication for automated processes.

The automatic ceramic cutters systems have verificacón vicion for a perfect cut.

Speed, accuracy and easy operation..

The automatic wire markers.
Meets SAE aerospace standards (laser wire marking), which can operate automatically at high speed, for any character marking always giving a contrast without affecting the conductor insulation.

Equipment marking and laser cutting used in the automotive industry ....

Features and Benefits:

Portability (operating window of 1-6 feet above the floor).

Easy operation.

They meet the strictest standards of industries capable IUID market 2D matrix codes, barcodes, UID, serial number and other formats.
  • High quality that allows heavy duty durability.
  • Power supply low voltage.
  • Laser beam quality.
  • Friendly interface.

Solutions artificial vision systems.

Suppliers of the best solutions to the needs of automatic and artificial visual inspection to ensure strict quality control on their products able to recognize shapes and symmetries in 3D codes can solve their problems of quality at a low cost.

New technologies in high resolution cameras or high-speed shooting and with an interface to allow programming sw through algorithms specific image recognition without sacrificing cost.

Automatic with appreciation of color and texture to ensure the same uniformity of product quality in automotive seats.