NPI management system is a powerful web platform that manages throughout the manufacturing process and resolves centralizing tasks NPI problems, information feedback to the development team and makes adjustments eficientando minimizing project time and cost...

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    Vayo Technology offers a comprehensive solution to develop new products using DFM software for evaluation, programming SMT equipment, DFT, analysis and test generation test equipment.

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    Our satisfied customers already use Vayo solutions, both manufacturing companies, fixture vendors, OEMs as well as SMT equipment providers.

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    VayoPro-DFM Expert is an intelligent software introducion analysis for new products in manufacturing, PCB designs using BOM data and interacts with standard libraries in the electronics and manufacturing, simulates and analyzes before finding defects and production risks designs advance costs by eliminating unnecessary errors in design, manufacturing generating reports for your customer, ultimately resulting in a reduction in manufacturing cycle, increasing quality standards and reducing costs.Single line AOI system settings lighting Multispectral Inspection System patented 360º in steps of 1º The inspection can be configured in 3 speeds depending on their production cycle Camera telecentric 48 Mega pixels resolutions, up 3,2um. your best ally in inspection !.

  • VayoPro-SMT Expert

    The VayoPro-SMT Expert solution from gerber files, easy, edit and optimize CAD design for the generation of SMT equipment programs load balancing and validating their data, resulting in reduction of errors and time programming team.

  • VayoPro-Test Expert

    VayoPro-Test Expert software allows from CAD or gerbers manipulate BOM CPB CADs, libraries and ending with the generation of programs for testing or inspecting the cards in the most common devices on the market with technologies ICT, MDA's, AOI, AXI, flying probes, creating powerful reports of nodes, pins and test coverage.

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    An essential tool for manufacturing department is the Expert View software which helps visualize all the steps for product development from design NPI, SMT production, testing, quality check and test the product.

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    View interactive software, allows you to locate and concatenate a CAD design with an electrical diagram, thus facilitating their analysis in design and product testing.