Products for plastic assemblies with the most modern technology in equipment parts binding of either plastic or metal with characteristics manual operation, semiautomatic and fully automatic.

Using heatstaking technology, ultrasound and rotation, leaders in the automotive and consumer market, providing solutions with the highest quality of assembly

  • Custom Assembly Systems

    All equipment and plastic assembly systems offered by PAS are designed to be used in manual, semi-automated, or fully....

  • Ultrasonic Welders

    An ultrasonic welding machine is used to join small and medium sized thermoplastic parts through pressure and high frequency.....

  • Spin Welding

    Spin welding is used to join two plastic parts which are spherical or cylindrical in shape. Frictional heat is generated at the.

  • Hot Plate Welding

    Hot plate plastic welding is generally used to weld large and irregular shaped plastic parts with difficult contours and joint...

  • Thermal Assembly Systems

    Thermal assembly systems make use of direct contact- heated tools and precisely controlled time, temperature, pressure and cooling..