As a leading provider GOEPEL electronic develops and manufactures intelligent solutions for the test of mounted PCBs and electronic devices.

  • Boundary Scan and AOI

    Optimize inspection time for complex assemblies Goepel boundary scan testing can be performed while running the AOI inspection save on costs extra stations with this unique feature on the market

  • Opticon-3D

    the most innovative 3D inspection system at your fingertips! Real 3D measurement system with the innovative 3D Eye Z
    1º rotations resolution.
    Total elimination of shadows.
    TMSA technology

  • Opticon Advanced line

    Single line AOI system settings lighting Multispectral Inspection System patented 360º in steps of 1º The inspection can be configured in 3 speeds depending on their production cycle Camera telecentric 48 Mega pixels resolutions, up 3,2um. your best ally in inspection !.

  • Opticon THT LINE

    thru hole specialized components (PTH THT). accepts component height up to 80mm. multispectral and multidirectional configurable for double sided inspection. your best ally in specialized inspection PTH and THT !.

  • Opticon Turbo Line

    The equipment available online market faster production exceeds expectations with Goepel multi spectra of lighting available 18 different camera configurations available orthogonal top and bottom inspection, remove the need to rotate the assembly inspect components seamlessly 01005

  • OptiCon BasicLine.

    Offline system with manual loading and flexible features. Multispectral illumination. inspecccion 360º in steps of 1º inspection modules for SMD, THT and THR.

  • Opticon SPI line 3D.

    Get precise measurements and unmatched speed Resolutions from 10 to 15um. ultra rapid application development feedback system for printers paste AOI or AXI.

  • Xline-3D.

    The most innovative 3D inspection system on the market securely inspection in their ensables ultra fast programming in a friendly and intuitive environment offline programming available AOI inspection incorporates the same time